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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Prince Court Hotel & Suites located?

We are growing. We now have branches nationwide. 
Follow the link below.
Prince Court Hotel & Suites- Cebu

Prince Court Hotel-Manila

Prince Court Hotel-Davao

Drive Inn Guadalupe

Best Inn Cebu

2. What are your room rates?

Prince Court Hotels & Suites makes sure to provide guests affordable yet quality accommodation. We pride our low-rate offers so we will still be part on your every vacation. 

To view our room rates, follow this link below:

Prince Court Hotel Cebu

Prince Court Suites

Prince Court Hotel-Davao

Prince Court Hotel-Manila

Drive Inn Guadalupe

Best Inn Cebu

3. Do you have promos or discount offers? 

Only Prince Court-Manila & Cebu have promo offers. 
For Prince Court Hotel & Suites-Cebu promos and discounts, follow this link:

For Prince Court-Manila promos and discounts, follow this link: 

4. Do you have online reservations?

We continually aim to provide our customers quality accommodation. Time after time, our system is changed for development. Online reservation is one of those we are trying to achieve next and it is on its way to be implemented. For now, you can visit any of our branches nationwide for reservations; we have number of rooms for you available. We only accept reservations with pre-payments, so since we have not implemented online reservation yet, one can do a reservation right at the hotel. 

5. What is your accommodation terms?

We have full 24-hour & 12-hour accommodation policy, wherein, guests can enjoy full-stay accommodation. For instance, you avail for 24 hours and you check-in 12nn, your check-out time should be 12nn on the next day. Same with full 12-hour accommodation.

6. Do you accept credit cards?

We accept cash and/or *credit card payments. 
*Prince Court-Manila only accepts cash as payment.

7. Are Theme Rooms and Adventure Rooms the same?

Generally, we call our special rooms as Theme Rooms. We call them Theme Rooms for they are designed with themes. From these theme rooms, you can choose your own adventure, if you are looking for a more adventurous stay. Example of our adventure Theme Rooms are Submarine Room, Rainforest Room,Firehouse Room and a lot more. 

8. Do all Prince Court branches have adventure rooms?

Yes. Adventures Rooms have been our mark. We want to provide our guests unforgettable stay as you are with us on your every vacation.  

9. What is the difference between Taxi/Standard Rooms and VIP Rooms?

Our VIP Rooms are more spacious than Taxi/Standard Rooms. VIP rooms have their own garages.

10. What are the hotel room facilities and amenities that I can enjoy on the duration of my stay?

We made sure to build convenience and comfort in one as you stay with us. Every room has fairly comfortable beds, equipped with air-condition, cable television, and telephone. Bathrooms are paired with complete personal amenities.  Both themed and adventure rooms are prepared with dinette table for a more private dining moments. VIP rooms have its own spacious garages

11. Do you have Food & Beverage Services?

Yes, we have food & beverage service ready to serve you 24/7.

12. Are minors allowed to check-in?

We allow minors if they are travelling with their family.

13. Do you have rooms for families or group of friends?

Yes. Prince Court Hotels & Suites are open for everyone; backpackers, on-the-go or long vacationers, in group or in pair. 

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